At The Hair Company, we consistently hire our own grads.

Salon owners across the GTA love our grads because our teaching has instilled professionalism, creativity and work ethic.


We pride ourselves in also introducing students to some real-world experience – with our school and popular salon being side by side, we give them a unique look at the business of hairstyling; something that no other school can teach.


The Hair Company Academy offers a Full-Time program. You’ll learn all of the latest skills in hairstyling, barbering and makeup.


We also offer refresher classes and workshops for professionals who want to brush-up their skills or learn the latest beauty techniques. List of classes.


Book a tour. It's the best way to get a taste of the full experience and get to know us a little better. We'll introduce you to our program and our teachers as well as show you how to build the skills for an independent, secure and creatively rewarding future.

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THERESA KELLY, Owner/ Director of Admissions

KATIE, Instructor

JANN, Instructor

KYLER, Instructor / Head of Barbering






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Monday by appointment

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